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Top 5+ Cheap Wireless Earbuds Under £50

When it comes to personal audio, cable-free earphones have completely changed the game. Users are no longer restricted by a smartphone, allowing them to exercise, go running, or simply go about their regular life without worrying that their arm would become tangled in a hanging cord.
These come in a variety of sizes and designs, from expensive ones like the Apple AirPods Pro 2 and Sony WF-1000XM4 to less expensive options. The latter is what we’re focused on in this article; each pair of these top-rated inexpensive wireless earbuds is tried, tested, and highly recommended.
But hold on—more frontrunners might appear soon. The CES technology show, which takes place in early January, will undoubtedly feature a large number of new wireless earbuds. As information becomes available, we’ll update this list to include the top products for under £50.

Really Wireless Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2

The Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless are the best wireless earbuds we’ve tested under $50. These tiny earphones are sturdy and have an IPX5 water resistance rating. These come with a couple different sizes of tips and stability fins, and they fit securely enough for workouts. Because they include a case with 12.5 extra charges, these earbuds stand out. If you top them up in the case, they last for about 100 hours because each charge lasts for roughly seven hours.

They lack app support and sound tweaking options and are often quite basic. They do, however, provide a well-balanced, bass-heavy sound profile that works for the majority of content categories. They don’t have active noise cancellation (ANC), but they are good at blocking out background noise like chitchat and air conditioner hum, which is useful if you want to minimize distractions when working at home or in the office. However, they have few onboard controls, and you may insert the earbuds farther into your ears by utilizing the touch surfaces.

Earfun Air

Despite being inexpensive, Earfun Air headphones are jam-packed with functions. Although the Earfun Air don’t offer noise cancellation (that feature is kept for its more expensive brothers, the Earfun Air Pro), they do offer great noise isolation and are comfortable to use.
Additionally, they feature virtual voice assistants, are waterproof to IPX7 standards (submersible in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes), and offer Qi wireless charging if you have a compatible charger on hand.
The earbuds have a seven-hour battery life and the charging case has a 28-hour battery life. Surprisingly, everything also feels fairly high-end. Calls come through clearly on the Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and for the money, they offer an energizing and roomy sound.
Our top pick for those looking for a pair of the best inexpensive wireless earbuds under £50 is the Earfun Air.

JBL Reflect Flow 2.

When it comes to sports headphones, JBL is a major player, and the JBL Reflect Flow is one of the best options available at this price. These may have started off with a little higher price, but since recent deals have brought them down to roughly £50, we’re adding them here.
These are designed for people who lead active lives and frequent the gym. They are IPX7 waterproof and offer 10 hours of playback (or 30 hours with the charging case), which should last through several training sessions. These in-ears can be placed in the case and will take two hours to completely charge.

The “Ambient Aware” and “TalkThru” modes should be helpful whether you’re working out or slaving away in an office. To converse with someone without pulling the earbuds out, short-pressing the left bud will scroll through to a little lower sound (Ambient Aware) or extremely low level playing (TalkThru).
A fair degree of detail and precision are present in the sound quality. The JBL Reflect Flow are amazing low-cost wireless earbuds that won’t break the budget, making them ideal for the gym or running.

Fourth, SoundMagic TWS50

SoundMagic’s first cheap wireless earbuds are extremely budget-friendly and stay loyal to its history of being reasonable; in recent months, they have gone as low as £35. These offer a great fit and are incredibly light.
The controls are a little tricky, but the buds are waterproof up to 1m for up to 30 minutes thanks to their IPX7 rating. That goes much beyond what we could anticipate at this pricing point. And they have a 30-hour battery life (when used with the travel case) before requiring a mains recharge.

For the price, there is a lot of good audio to enjoy. The atmosphere is intricate and vast, and the voices are rich and full-bodied.
If that’s all you have to spend, you’ll get a good battery life, one of the lightest and most comfy earbuds we’ve tried, and a big sound that packs a lot of punch for its weight. To put it another way, a good choice.

Really Wireless Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Really Wireless wireless earbuds we tested provide the greatest customization options. With the Anker Soundcore app, which is compatible with these in-ears, you can remap controls and modify the sound using an 8-band graphic EQ and presets. Anker’s HearID feature, which builds a customized EQ based on your ears, is also available in the app.
They offer an exhilarating sound profile straight out of the gate, with strong voices and extra bass. With only three more batteries in their case, they have a playback time of around six hours. Sadly, they don’t have a power-saving function to prolong battery life while not in use.

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