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Timex Smart Watch – Review 2023

The new Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch from the venerable Timex line features a color display and upscale styling. It can monitor your heart rate, activity, and sleep patterns, and it can also prompt you to get up from your chair and drink some water. Also, you can receive notifications from email and messaging apps that you use on your phone with the Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch. It notifies you when calls come in and allows you to relax by practicing deep breathing.

Priced at Rs. 6,995 with a silicone strap and Rs. 7,295 with a stainless steel mesh strap, the Timex iConnect Premium Active is available. It offers a lot of features, but is it cost-effective? I’ve used it for more than a month, and this is my in-depth evaluation.

Design of the Timex iConnect Premium Active

The Timex iConnect Premium Active has a premium appearance, which is one of its most prominent features. I believe the flexible rose gold stainless steel mesh band on the device I purchased looks beautiful on my wrist. This watch is more suited to slimmer wrists and is largely made for women. This watch has a square touchscreen with gold accents and a stylish appearance, particularly when worn with the mesh band. A silicone band option is also available from Timex at a little cheaper cost. The actual area of the touchscreen is relatively limited due to the large bezels that surround the dial on all sides of the display, particularly at the bottom. There are no buttons, and touch input is the only method of navigation.

Features of Timex iConnect Premium Active and its user interface

A metal frame and 36mm dial with rounded edges are features of the Timex iConnect Premium Active. The watch, which boasts an IP68 rating for water resistance, showed no signs of wear while I washed dishes or engaged in any other wet activities while wearing it. Navigation on the UI is easy. The smartwatch can be turned off, the brightness can be changed, and DND mode can be activated by swiping downward. Nevertheless, there is no automated brightness adjustment. The notification panel, which only displays notifications from your phone, is opened by swiping up. There is no method to reply to messages or emails that are received. You cannot mute the ringer or reject a call through the watch; even call alerts can only be seen.

You can switch the watch face by long-pressing it; there are five choices on the gadget. Swiping left opens a menu that displays daily activity data, such as the number of steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, and the number of calories you’ve burned. When you tap the heart rate indicator, your heart rate will begin to be automatically read and the results will be shown. The watch also keeps track of your sleeping habits and can tell the difference between deep sleep and light sleep while providing data for you.
companion software for Timex iConnect Premium Active

Users must install the iConnect By Timex 2 software on their phones in order to pair the Timex iConnect Premium Active. With my Samsung Galaxy Note 20, the pairing process went off without a hitch. The dashboard, or the app’s home screen, displays all of the information about your daily activity, including the amount of active time, the amount of distance traveled, the number of steps taken, and the number of calories burned. If you tap the banner, it also displays your most current heart rate measurement, measurement history, and weekly sleep information.

The app provides simple personalization options, such as the ability to modify the frequency of sedentary alarms and water reminders. Moreover, you may set alarms and alter the wrist orientation. Although this gadget does not offer 24×7 continuous monitoring and you cannot alter the interval between measurements, there is an option to toggle daily heart rate recording. Finally, you have control over which apps display notifications to you.

Performance Timex iConnect Premium Active

I ran a number of tests to evaluate the Timex iConnect Premium Active’s performance over the course of the many weeks I had it. The touch input wasn’t the most seamless implementation I’ve used so far, and it took me a little bit to get used to it. The results from the heart rate monitor and the sleep monitor were satisfactory when compared to readings from other, more widely used devices, with the sleep data correlating with the quality of sleep I got the night before.

The Timex iConnect Premium Active’s battery lasted roughly four days with typical use. With maximum light and a daily half-hour run, this is the case. Each full charge should last longer if the brightness is decreased, but I wouldn’t advise it because there is great reflectiveness, especially when it’s sunny outside. It took me roughly two and a half hours to fully charge the smartphone using the connecter at the rear.


The watch does not look awful, and although though it records your heart rate every 30 minutes rather than 24/7 like its competitors, its major issue is the inconsistent sleep data and the large step count variance. This watch is not a good choice for a fitness tracker. At best, the Timex iConnect Active ($3,996) is an attractive digital watch.

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