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Review The Amazfit Bip U Pro Is An Impressive Package On A Budget In 2023

With over 60 sports tracking modes and a plethora of health-related features, the Amazfit Bip U Pro is an excellent fitness tracker for the price. The built-in GPS and Alexa smart assistant, however, are the stars of the show. The primary experience remains comparable to Bip U. The Bip U Pro is undoubtedly the greatest smartwatch in its price range, with few competitors. Alexa, on the other hand, does not perform as well as we had hoped.

The Amazfit Bip U Pro, as the name implies, is an enhanced version of the extremely popular Bip U. Although preserving everything from its predecessor, it adds a few additional features without becoming too pricey.

As our Amazfit Bip U Pro review will demonstrate, this is an amazing yet flawed wearable that includes a built-in GPS for outdoor monitoring as well as a voice assistant with Amazon Alexa integration. While both are great additions to the low-cost wearable arena, only the former is dependable.

The Alexa integration here adds very little to the smartwatch experience. Huami, on the other hand, has outdone itself by including built-in GPS in the Bip U Pro, making it one of the few affordable wearables with this feature. The GPS tracking system works well and produces accurate results.

1. Design

The Amazfit Bip U Pro is a low-cost smartwatch with a simple design. In reality, it is identical to the Bip U in every way, including weight, bezels, button layout, and sensor positioning.

The Bip U Pro is available in black, green, and pink. For our review, we’re using the black variety. The wearable is also rather thick, measuring 11.4mm, yet it is light on your wrist, weighing only 31g. You get a pair of straps that are already attached and can be easily swapped out for any other 20mm strap. The default strap is comprised of silicone rubber, and we had no trouble wearing it for extended periods of time. The strap has 14 holes for a custom fit, and the interlocking system keeps the watch securely in place.

A button on the side of the gadget conducts a few actions. The button, for example, is used to wake the screen, access the menu, and go back, and a long press function can also be configured on the watch itself. You can select from activity goals, PAI, heart rate, sleep, workout, history, SpO2, stress, breathing, and many other options.

The display is also identical to that of the Bip U, measuring 1.43 inch and having a resolution of 320 x 302 pixels. It has a TFT LCD screen that is bright and clear. The watch has four levels of brightness setting and excellent indoor visibility. While it is not AMOLED, the display is adequate for outdoor reading. We wished the peak brightness was a little brighter at times, but it’s hardly a deal breaker. It’s also worth noting that there’s no option to enable auto-brightness. In our case, because we were mostly indoors, 25% brightness was sufficient. We increased it to 75% outside and 100% on exceptionally sunny days.

For added security, the display is shielded by curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Despite some rigorous handling during our review period, we are pleased to report that the watch was free of scratches. Finally, the touch interface was responsive and simple to use throughout the evaluation period.

Long tapping on the home screen allows you to select different watch faces. If you’re not satisfied with the alternatives available here, you can find a much larger selection in the companion Zepp app. Over 50 watch faces are available, with a few of them being configurable. You may also make your own watch face by customizing it and uploading a picture.

2. Features

The Bip U Pro’s key functionality is fitness, and this is one area where the wearable excels. Among the various sports that the Amazfit Bip U can track are badminton, cricket, swimming, free workout, cycling, rope skipping, rowing, and dance.

Sensors include accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors for tracking indoor activities, displaying step counts, and enabling automatic sleep tracking. Steps taken, number of times stood up, calories burned, distance traveled, and target steps are all tracked. The phone’s selling point is the built-in GPS for tracking all of your outdoor activities.

The BioTracker 2 PPG optical sensor measures heart rate continuously. It can also track heart rate while activity, providing extensive information. You may also configure heart rate intervals ranging from one minute to every 30 minutes, or you can entirely turn it off and measure it manually, which helps to extend battery life. The Bip U Pro includes stress tracking, breathing exercises, and the PAI Health Assessment system, which awards points based on how active and consistently you’ve been working out your heart. It also tracks heart rate, zones, pace, and cadence throughout the workout.
Because there was a lockdown and restrictions in place during testing, I could only try out freestyle, walking, jogging, and badminton modes for sports tracking. I even left my phone at home and went for a walk in the park a few times to test the accuracy of the GPS on the watch, and I’m delighted to say that the tracking was very precise. It may take a few seconds for GPS positioning to lock on, but once it does, mapping activities is simple. Only once throughout my usage did I lose the placement, but it was re-latched a few seconds later. Using GPS causes the battery to drain faster, so check the battery status when you return from any outdoor activity.

3. Experience

The Amazfit Bip U Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0 LE and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices; it connects via the Zepp app, which allows you additional control over the wearable. But, the app experience isn’t without flaws. The matching procedure is simple, but once linked, you’ll have to work a little more to find the exact menu you’re looking for. This is a difficult task because the menus are not intuitively ordered.

Even when we used the Bip U Pro with our phone nearby, the app frequently took a long time to reconnect and sync, as evidenced by the screenshots below. We also missed alerts pretty frequently as a result of this issue. This is frustrating because we experienced the same problem with Bip U, and the firm still hasn’t rectified it after several months.

All View

The Amazfit Bip U Pro is one of the most affordable wearables with GPS, and it monitors your outside walks and runs rather reliably. The Bip U Pro is a nice package for Rs 4,999 / $59.99 / £59.99, with more than 60 sports modes to track, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitor, and much more. The built-in GPS and Alexa smart assistant are a bonus here. Amazfit has a history of providing accurate sleep tracking, and that tradition continues here. The wearable not only analyzes your night sleep and delivers fantastic insights, but it can also track your afternoon naps, which few wearables can do.

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