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Review Ninjutso Sora Wireless Gaming Mouse In 2023

The Ninjutso Sora is a wireless gaming mouse that is light and has a shape that is the same on both sides. This mouse’s body is made of solid plastic, which is interesting because many lightweight gaming mice are made with small holes in their bodies to make them lighter overall. Inside this mouse are Huano Pink Dot switches for the main click buttons and a PixArt PAW3395 sensor, which at the time of writing was one of the most accurate and consistent sensors on the market.

1. Design

This mouse has a simple look with a matte black plastic body, glossy black side buttons, and a logo on the palm rest. It is made of white plastic and has a black rubber handle.

The way this mouse is made is impressive. When you move the mouse, there are no parts that shake or sounds that rattle. Even though the plastic is thin, the whole thing feels strong. There’s some minor flexibility if you squeeze into the sides of the mouse or below the left- and right-click buttons. However, this flexibility doesn’t present any issues during normal use.

This mouse has a comfortable symmetrical shape, and the buttons feel well-placed and easy to reach for most hand sizes and grips. There’s a medium-sized hump positioned closer to the rear that provides good palm support, and both sides have a gentle inward slant which helps make it easy to lift and reposition the mouse quickly.

Ninjutsu says that this mouse can work for up to 70 hours on a single charge. When the battery level drops to less than 10%, a small red LED light flashes between the left and right click buttons.

This mouse has a lightweight, flexible paracord-like charging cable that glides easily across desks and mousepads. But it still has some bumps from the way it was packaged.

The Ninjutso Sora has superb feet that glide very smoothly on mousepads and desks. If you use them directly on a desk, they make a soft scratching sound. However, this doesn’t affect their gliding performance. By default, this mouse has four feet, but an alternate set of two larger feet is included in the box if you prefer.

2. Control

You can set up all of the buttons on this mouse, even the one on the bottom, which by default switches between CPI settings. The left and right click buttons use Huano Pink Dot switches, which feel light and are easy to click quickly, but have a crisp and satisfying feel.

The CPI performance of this mouse is very good. Its sensor is very accurate, and when you move your mouse, the cursor moves on your screen in a way that is very close to what you did with your mouse.

This mouse has excellent sensor latency performance. The sensor responds quickly to the movements you make with your mouse, and the timing of these movements is very close to the timing of the cursor’s movements on-screen.

The mouse wheel has a precise feel, works quietly, and has clear steps with smooth transitions between them. The wheel is made of plastic and has a rubber surface that makes it easy to grip. The middle click button needs a little more force to be pressed than on many other gaming mice, which is good if you often click it by accident.

The polling rate on this mouse can be set to 125Hz, 500Hz, or 1000Hz. This sensor has a “Motion Sync” feature that tries to match up sensor readings with polling events. This can make games run more smoothly and consistently. At the time of writing, the Ninjutso Sora’s companion software didn’t have a way to turn this feature on or off. This is different from other mice that use the same sensor but have software that lets you turn this feature on or off.

3. Software

This software is simple to use, and all of the options are shown on one page. You can change many settings, such as the CPI, the lift-off distance, and the debounce time.

On both Windows and macOS, all of the default button functions work. The software, on the other hand, only works with Windows.

All View

The Ninjutsu Sora is a great mouse for FPS games. It’s very light and has a comfortable shape that works well for most hand sizes. Its body is made of thin plastic, but the whole thing feels very sturdy. On the sides and below the main click buttons, the body has a little bit of give, but this doesn’t cause any problems during normal use. Its click latency is very low, and its sensor performance is good all around. This gives you a responsive gaming experience, whether you’re playing for fun or to win.
The Ninjutso Sora is a wireless gaming mouse with a symmetrical shape and a solid plastic shell that is surprisingly light for its size. It’s also one of a new group of mice that use PixArt’s 3395 sensor, which is one of the most accurate and consistent sensors on the market right now. This mouse has a simple design without RGB lighting, like the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT and the Razer Viper V2 Pro. Its gaming performance is also on par with these more expensive options, making it a standout option worth considering given its lower price.

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