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Review Logitech K350: Wireless Wave Ergonomic Keyboard With Unifying Wireless Technology

A contoured, somewhat curved keyboard is a feature of the Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350. That can be the ideal solution for typists with sore wrists and tendons. Although we appreciate the keyboard’s spacious design, padded palm rest, and variety of configurable hotkeys, we are dissatisfied with how cheaply made the keys feel. Also, you’d have to get used to the wave-like form factor.


The K350 is one of the largest keyboards I’ve ever tried, measuring 19 x 10 x 1.5 inches and weighing roughly 2 pounds, 3 ounces. In fact, the keyboard rises to a full 2.5 inches in height if you extend its rear two-step feet to their full height (which raises the keyboard 8 degrees). It is so tall that it prevents my keyboard tray from sliding back into my desk. Luckily, the second of the retractable feet’s two steps elevates the keyboard just 4 degrees, reducing its overall height by half an inch.

Logitech K350 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with Unifying Wireless Technology -  Black

In addition to its commanding height, the K350 has a cushioned palm rest. The A, S, D, F, and J, K, L, and semicolon keys are located about in the middle of a pair of dips that are created by the keyboard’s wave-like contouring and small curvature. The so-called “Comfort Wave Design” by Logitech, according to the company, is made to “support the actual, different lengths of your fingers.” In a minute, we’ll discuss how the keyboard actually feels.

The K350’s extensive set of hotkeys and controls is another eye-catching design element. They include a central volume toggle surrounded by media playback buttons, prominent buttons for Photo, Music, Windows Media Center (which in Windows 10 maps to Groove Music), Settings, and Task View, as well as a Zoom toggle and hotkeys for Microsoft Word, Excel, Edge, Search, E-mail, and other applications.

The K350 has a total of 30 hotkeys (assuming toggles count as two keys), 17 of which may be customized using the venerable SetPoint tool from Logitech. (Logitech also offers a more modern and user-friendly Logitech Options application, but it is incompatible with this keyboard.)


The USB Unifying Receiver, a wireless 2.4GHz USB dongle that comes with the K350 keyboard and plugs in and starts working right away without the need for software, connects the keyboard to a computer. Throughout my testing, the wifi connection on the K350 never stuttered or failed, and it rejoined right away after going to sleep after periods of inactivity.

Logitech K350 Wireless Wave Keyboard with Palm Rest

Despite Logitech’s claims to the contrary, the K350 linked to my iMac in addition to Windows Computers. However Mac users won’t be able to modify the K350’s hotkeys as SetPoint software from Logitech doesn’t have a Mac version.

As you type

The wavy keyboard on the K350 will probably depend on your own preferences. Despite the fact that I would probably get used to it over time, I thought the curved shape was a bit gimmicky and distracting. Nonetheless, the little bend in the general form of the keyboard does assist in maintaining a straighter, more comfortable angle for your wrists. To determine whether Logitech’s Comfort Wave Design is a good fit for you, I’d advise you to give it a try in person.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

Given the cost of the keyboard, the keys themselves are unimpressive. The key caps seem a little hollow and cheap, and there is a considerable bit of clickity-clack noise as you type, despite the fact that the sculpted form of the keys makes them easy to find. The K350’s keys have a firm, tactile bump in the midst of each keystroke, as well as a respectably springy rebound, which is a benefit.


The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 is large, spacious, hotkey-loving, and ergonomically designed, making it the ideal choice for Windows users who need a rest for their tired fingers. The loud keys, however, might need a heavier weight.

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