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Review Keychron K Pro Series: Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron produces a set of keyboards known as the K Pro Series. These keyboards are an improvement over the Keychron K Series regular models. They have a different build and design but the same wireless capabilities. In particular, the K Pro series breaks from the gray and orange color scheme used on the K Series and employs PBT keycaps with a distinctive rounded and tapered design. The majority of the variations in this series also have hot-swappability, allowing you to swap out the switches, but they also come with a toolkit so you may further alter the board’s interior.

Comparing This Keyboard To Others

The improved variants of the Keychron K Series are the Keychron K Pro Series. Essentially, they function very much the same as their predecessors did, and they continue to connect to up to three devices through Bluetooth. The PBT keycaps with the OSA profile, which are also available on the more expensive Keychron Q Series boards, are the most significant enhancement to the build quality. Moreover, the K Pro Series borrows features from the Q Series such a hot-swappable PCB, screw-in stabilizers, and support for VIA companion software. This board may be used for gaming, much like other Keychron keyboards, however its latency isn’t as low as keyboards made specifically for gaming.

Keychron K8 Pro - QMK/VIA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard by Keychron » FAQ —  Kickstarter
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K2 Keychron (Version 2)

The updated version of the Keychron K Series, which also includes the Keychron K2, is known as the Keychron K Pro Series (Version 2). Better construction is found in the K Pro Series, which has PBT keycaps and an aluminum frame option. The K Series lacks features like a hot-swappable PCB and a layer of sound-dampening foam to decrease typing noise. The K Pro Series is also compatible with the VIA companion software so you may customize the keyboard. Other than that, the K Pro Series and K Series function identically.
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K8 Keychron

The improved version of Keychron’s K Series, which also contains the K8, is the K Pro Series. Keychron made significant changes to the build quality on the K Pro Series, adding OSA profile PBT keycaps, screw-in stabilizers, and two more layers of foam within the casing for improved acoustics, even if the performance is still comparable. The K Pro Series keyboards from Keychron are the first wireless models that work with the VIA companion software, allowing you to completely configure your layout, macros, and RGB illumination.

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Test Findings

Build Excellence

The keyboards of the Keychron K Pro Series are very well made. The keyboard doesn’t flex since its base plate and outer frame are both made of solid metal, and its bottom is made of firm plastic. The bigger keys have a slight wobble, but overall the keys seem sturdy. The stabilizers are screw-in, so you can simply swap them out if you’d like. These keyboards maintain the plate-mounted switches of the original K Series while also include a layer of sound-dampening foam and a silicone bottom cushion for improved acoustics. The OSA-profile PBT keycaps, which are also included on Keychron’s more expensive Q Series boards, are another noteworthy improvement. These boards employ many of the same components and features as the bespoke Keychron Q Series boards, which gives them a higher overall feel than the original K Series boards.

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The ergonomics of the Keychron K Pro Series keyboards are subpar. To increase comfort, there are two inclination settings; nonetheless, they do not have a wrist rest. While the majority of the lineup features high-profile boards, there is one version, the Keychron K3 Pro, that has a low profile and is more ergonomic since it allows you to rest your wrists directly on your work table rather than having to lean them upward to type.


The RGB illumination on the Keychron K Pro Series keyboards is individually lighted. If you decide to replace your keycaps, the south-facing LEDs are more adaptable to a larger variety of keycaps. The key legends don’t shine through, but there is still enough light to read them in the dark. You may adjust the brightness, colors, effects, and effects speed with the accompanying program.

Mobile Flexibility

With the illumination turned off, the majority of the Keychron K Pro Series’ devices can operate for up to 300 hours on a single charge, and up to 100 hours with the backlighting set to its lowest brightness. The Keychron K3 Pro, on the other hand, has a smaller battery and only provides 100 hours of battery life with the illumination turned off and 33 hours with the backlighting set to its lowest brightness.

Special Features

There aren’t many more features available with the Keychron K Pro Series. The user manual lists the hotkeys that may be used to access the media keys and backlighting controls. These keyboards contain a toggle to switch between Windows and macOS platforms, just as the majority of other Keychron boards. The power switch and the charging connector are located next to the operating system toggle. When Caps, Scroll, or Numlock are activated, the three little lights above the arrow keys light up to show that they are on. These keyboards can also be hot-swapped, allowing you to replace the pre-installed 3-pin or 5-pin switches with whatever switch you choose.

Trên tay Keychron K8 Pro - hoàn thiện tốt, lót tiêu âm đầy đủ

Typing Efficiency

The keyboards of the Keychron K Pro Series offer an excellent typing experience. The double-shot PBT keycaps give a pleasant, smooth feel to the touch. The positioning of the keys is conventional, so typing on them doesn’t seem crowded. The keys have some wobbling, but it’s not overly obvious or annoying while you’re using them. For the whole keypress, the clicky Gateron G Pro Blue switches’ tactile bump feels incredibly smooth. Nevertheless, due to their high profile, and with the exception of the Keychron K3 Pro, you could feel wrist fatigue while using these keyboards. Get a wrist rest separately to alleviate this discomfort.


Applications & Programming

The Keychron K Pro Series keyboards are QMK-compatible and run VIA software. Direct download links to the software and all required files are available on the Keychron website. Using the simple-to-use VIA software, you can remap keys, create macros, and change the RGB illumination. The profiles are divided into four tiers. Layers 0 and 1 are for Mac computers, while Layers 2 and 3 are for Windows systems. To access the layers, make sure the toggle on the left is set to the appropriate operating system.

Trên tay Keychron K8 Pro - hoàn thiện tốt, lót tiêu âm đầy đủ
Typewriter Compatibility

The keyboards of the Keychron K Pro Series have excellent compatibility. The VIA software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. On Windows and macOS, every key functions as intended, provided that the toggle on the left side is set to the appropriate operating system. Just the FN+F3 toggle and the brightness hotkeys did not function on Linux. The F3 hotkey is inoperable on mobile operating systems. Moreover, the F4 hotkey is inoperable on iOS and iPadOS.


My whole experience with the Keychron K Pro Series has been very positive; it can be used right away after being opened, has excellent sound quality, a very comfortable typing surface, and is ideal for individuals who are just starting to learn how to play a mechanical keyboard. custom.

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