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Review JVC Sport True Wireless Earbuds Headphones

The JVC AE line of wireless sports headphones were created with the needs of recreational and endurance athletes in mind. They adhere to the burgeoning true wireless trend. The top model JVC HA-AE5T, which we also examined, is distinguished by a waterproof design with touch sensor control, a powerful battery, and a light weight, featuring an individually adjustable fit. We have also tried the JVC HA-ET45T.
But how do the three color options of the JVC HA-AE5T wireless headphones—blue, black, and silver/green—which retail for just under 180 euros—perform in actual use? And what audio technology does he possess? In this study, we investigated these and other issues.

Bluetooth, power, and capability

The Bluetooth 5.0 standard (class 1) is built into the JVC HA-AE5T. The totally wireless sports headphones also support the high-resolution formats AAC and aptX, as well as the Bluetooth profiles AVRCP, A2DP, and HSP. The TWS sports headphones reviewed here can playback music in high-resolution Hi-Res quality, which implies that they can be used for wireless home use in addition to the intended sports uses, unlike the “smaller” sister model HA-ET45T. The test subject moves it up to the typical Bluetooth range of ten meters or less.

With its internal lithium polymer battery, the JVC HA-AE5T also offers up to nine hours of wireless audio listening. The sporty in-ear may even last up to 27 hours when combined with the powerful batteries included into the storage and charging box that is included. This is more than enough time for even the most devoted hobby sportsmen. And after that much time, Joey Kelly or someone like should be able to walk without stopping. If the JVC HA-AE5T does need to be reconnected to the line, the headphones can be quickly recharged in just ten minutes (JVC calls this “Instant Charge”) and are once more given an hour of wireless runtime. The empty charging case may be recharged in around three hours, and the earbuds are fully charged in about two hours.
The touch sensors, which can be used to operate five distinct functions on each side of the Sport-In-Ears tested here, and the earphones’ design, which is waterproof and protected from perspiration and dust by IPX5/IP5X protection rating, are further highlights of the product. Additionally, the test subject’s built-in microphones, “Ambient Sound Mode,” with which important ambient noises can be “switched on,” and the “Bass Boost” function, which always gives the user the right punch on the go, even when exercising in noisy environments, are all very practical in everyday mobile life as well as during sport (outdoors). The JVC HA-AE5extensive T’s list of features is completed by sound and speech signals, LED displays, and other elements. These elements include the connection and charging status of the listener, side-independent mobile player connectivity, compatibility with the “J VC Run & Music App,” and support for popular voice assistants.

The JVC HA-AE5construction T’s and scope of delivery

In contrast to conventionally constructed sports headphones, like the 2019 BOSE SoundSport Wireless that we tested (for testing), the JVC HA-AE5T is a closed, entirely wireless in-ear headphones model with a “Aero Slip Design” that is particularly flat and aerodynamic. This is done to reduce air turbulence on the ear.
The JVC HA-AE5T sports headphones are also incredibly lightweight and small, weighing only 6.2 grams each earpiece. This indicates that, in contrast to the test subject, the top model in the series leaves its less expensive sibling model, the JVC HA-ET45T (7.4 grams per earpiece), which is similarly fitted with ear hooks. This, together with the flexible silicone ear fins, allows the test candidate to guarantee an even higher level of wearing comfort—even during strenuous physical activity. Last but not least, the durable plastic casing of the receiver immediately conveys value and resistance, which in combination with the strong rubber seals should negate the danger of sweat, dust, or rain. The integrated dynamic 6-millimeter driver with a neodymium magnet also gives the test subject a lot of horsepower for his circumstances.

The JVC HA-AE5T can also be used as a mobile headset because both earphones are equipped with microphones. The included rubberized, non-slip USB-B charging case and the earbuds both offer useful LED status displays that may be utilized at any time to check the status of pairing and charging. The TWS sports headphones reviewed here also come with a matching micro USB charging cable, some basic instructions, three pairs of replaceable normal and semi-open silicone ear tips in three sizes each, as well as three pairs of ear fins in three different sizes.

Using the TWS sports headphones in real life

In the actual test, the JVC HA-AE5T cheerfully and very easily made the wireless connection to the smartphone or the preferred digital audio player, followed by a corresponding signal tone, and always maintained it stable. Also, the following time the handset is used, it automatically reconnects to the previous connected device. The test candidate also had no issues operating within the Bluetooth range specified by the manufacturer.

Several test headphones easily found the correct fit for themselves thanks to the available ear molds in different shapes and sizes, as well as the included ear fins, and all of them affirmed that they were comfortable to use over time. While using the normal Eartips, the JVC HA-AE5T even sat so well in my ear—that is, sealed—that when I was working from home, the only sound I could hear was my partner, who is also in the home office, delivering the next shipment of headphones. Without a doubt, an extremely great performance for someone without an active noise canceling phone! As I was out and about and engaged in sports, I also found this convenience for the listener to be a wonderful relief.

Sports headphones from JVC used in the hearing test

The JVC HA-AE5T examined here, as well as its sibling model, the HA-ET45T, had to go through a substantial amount of burn-in time in order to be prepared for the rigorous hearing test.
The test subject was employed by a variety of mobile playback devices, including the HONOR 20 PRO smartphone, the MacBook Pro, and a variety of digital music players, including the FiiO M5, which is suitable for sports due to its small size, as well as larger versions like the FiiO M11. Also, from our editorial staff -reference iBasso DX220 recorded – in outdoor sports and mobile daily life. The JVC HA-AE5T provided us with a sound that was not audiophile, but was impressively balanced and natural for true wireless sports headphones, with a modest inclination to warmth, as well as very fine resolution and detail of the music reproduction.

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