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Review Grado SR225x Prestige Series – The Best Prestige Series Headphones

Textured tones and an open sound

The remarkable SR225x debuts at the top of the Prestige line, right before Grado moves into metal and wood. For many years, the SR225x and SR125x have been at odds with one another. The SR225x, being the more experienced model, makes use of the new F cushion to expand the sound to include more textured tones. The driver proves to be just as quick as the SR125x and collaborates to create a distinctive voicing. Don’t mention the young brother, please.

Authentic Sound

Grado SR225x Review - A Titan Reborn - Headphone Guru

Grado headphones’ clarity and range may bring out new notes and subtleties in songs that have been listened hundreds of times. Transient distortions are essentially eliminated by the driver and housing working together to respond to sound vibrations. The SR225x creates a sound that is purely Grado, with warm harmonic hues, a smooth top-end, great dynamics, and a famous mid-range.

X-Series Grado Drivers

Grado SR225x vs SR325x - Open Back Dynamic Headphone Comparison and Review - Major HiFi

We now have Grado drivers of the fourth generation. This new speaker design is specifically tailored for the SR225x and includes a more potent magnetic circuit, a voice coil with a reduced effective mass, and a redesigned diaphragm. These parts were redesigned for Grado’s 44mm drivers, which increases effectiveness, lowers distortion, and safeguards the harmonic purity of your music. Drivers are matched to 0.05dB as opposed to the SR60x, SR80x, and SR125x which are matched to 0.1dB.

Headband and new cables

On the SR225x, the wires and headband have also been updated in addition to the speakers. The eight-conductor cable now has a more robust exterior and a highly annealed copper wire for better audio signal purity. The redesigned headband has extra padding for a more comfortable fit.

Made by Hand in Brooklyn, USA

In Brooklyn, USA, each SR225x is constructed by hand. Once it is ready for your ears, this headset is put through a series of workbenches. Every learning opportunity since 1953, when Grado began construction on a kitchen table, has contributed to the development of the SR225x.

Headphones from Grado called the X-Driver Prestige

The original X Drivers are part of Grado Laboratories’ new Prestige Series. With the debut of the original Grado headphone in 1991, the Brooklyn-based firm has produced four generations of drivers, the most recent of which are the freshly constructed speakers. The five headphones in the Prestige Series (SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x, SR325x) are now constructed with a new robust cable and new headbands in addition to the greater sound these new drivers provide.

Buy Grado SR225x Prestige Series Open-Back Headphones Online

Grado Laboratories has only produced four versions of drivers—the speaker within the headphones—in the past twenty years. Grado has taken careful to only install new drivers within its headphones when there is a big improvement, avoiding yearly update cycles. The Prestige Series’ internal workings are given a completely new speaker design and harmony thanks to the X Drivers.

Each X Driver is customized for the headphones it is incorporated into. Grado has reduced the effective mass of the voice coil while increasing the magnetic power of the speaker. This harmony, along with the redesigned diaphragm, results in a speaker that gives the most accurate representation of the original source.

According to Jonathan Grado, “The Prestige Series means the world to our family. “It’s the first series we’ve ever published, and it has both our first metal pair and headphone (SR80) (SR325). Our objective was to boost driver performance while keeping and even increasing the original recording’s purity and the signature mid-range. We wouldn’t be here without the Prestige Series.”

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