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Review BENGOO V-4 Gaming Headset or Xbox One, PS4, PC In 2023

When playing games that are meant to take the player on a journey, it’s important to create an immersive environment. For games where the sounds are important to winning or experiencing the adventure in any way designed by the industry that made it, listening carefully could decide how a match ends, if your character finds that hidden door, or if your team moves on to the next round. Some game settings go even further with sound by messing with the effects and the volume. Because of how games are made today, you can hear a soft sound behind you or a loud boom that shakes the whole room.

When making their gaming caves, some users put a lot of thought into how they will set up their sound systems. Sometimes, they go so far as to install full surround stereo systems so that no sound, like a leaf moving or an enemy getting too close for comfort, can escape their ears. No matter what the goal is, maximizing your hearing of a game is usually directly related to how much fun you can have with it. Because of this, the market is full of products that will work for some users but not others.

Headsets are the most popular choice for almost all console and computer gamers. Not only are they comfortable, but if you choose the right pair, only you will be able to hear everything the game has to offer. Since then, a lot of headset models have come out, all of which claim to be better than other brands and offer comfort, the best sound quality, compatibility with multiple devices, and a lot of other features that any user would love.

1. Design

To start off the review of the Bengoo V-4 gaming headset, I’ll say that it works well with most, if not all, of the consoles on the market right now, as well as any operating system and some Android devices. When used for cross-device gaming, this gives you a lot of options because one pair can work with many different units without the need for adapters (with the only exception of older versions of the Xbox One controller).

The materials and construction of these headphones are also a great bonus. The headband comes with soft earmuffs and is made with a breathable memory pad. It was made with the head in mind, and the band can be adjusted to fit different head shapes.

This headset is designed to send and receive clear sound. It comes with a microphone that blocks out noise. A 40mm magnetic neodymium driver that produces sharp sound and deep bass makes the surround stereo subwoofer possible. Also, the unit has an easy-to-use control box with buttons for changing the volume and muting the sound. The LED lights that are built into both earpieces add to the design and make it look even better.

2. Sound

Even though this model might not have the best noise-cancelling features, the retail price has been cut so much because it is made the same way as high-end headsets. We can still guarantee that this headset will give you crisp sound with a surround stereo feel and that the microphone will keep up with your voice levels.

Compared to other headsets, we might notice a big difference, but to wrap up this Bengoo V-4 gaming headset review, we have to say that the price is what really makes us think this headset is a great deal.

3. Highlights

The model of headphones that Bengoo is selling this time has a flexible microphone that can pick up sounds from all directions. This is a big plus for cooperative gamers who use a microphone to give orders to their party members. The LED lighting in the earmuffs is a nice and sleek addition to a very trendy headset model, making it stand out like some high-end headphones do.

4. Lowlights

We may have missed a few general problems with the product when we did our research for this Bengoo V-4 gaming headset review, since it has been marked down a lot from what it was originally meant to cost.

But based on the information we’ve gathered, we think that, even though it has many of the same features as other well-designed models, the only major flaw in the headset’s overall performance and construction is that the size of the ear cup can vary, which shows that there is some kind of manufacturing flaw. But other than that, the whole thing is a great way to get a high-quality headset for such a low price.

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The BENGOO V-4 Professional Noise-Isolating Gaming Headset works with PS4, PC, Laptop, Mac, Xbox One Controller, and Nintendo Switch. The great metal-sense design, cool LED lights, and use of more human-friendly materials make it easier to use and add a lot to the atmosphere of your games.

Can play games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, EA Sports UFC, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc. Speaker Size: 50mm In-Line The audio control box has a volume wheel and a mute button that make it easy to change your headset settings while you are gaming.

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