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Review AmazonBasics K4R: Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad For Smart TV

The AmazonBasics K4R is a fairly flimsily constructed wireless keyboard with a built-in touchpad. Although it doesn’t provide the finest typing experience, for the price it’s reasonable. The keycaps feel shoddy constructed, the board is all plastic, and it flexes quite a bit. On the plus side, typing on the keyboard is quiet enough to be done in an open office setting and the touchpad is simple to use. It works well with a smart TV thanks to its wireless architecture and touchpad.

Comparing This Keyboard To Others

Despite being of poor quality, the AmazonBasics K4R succeeds admirably in fulfilling its purpose of being a straightforward wireless keyboard. If you’re searching for a wireless office keyboard that won’t break the bank, this is a fine alternative. It won’t have all the bells and whistles of higher-end devices and won’t be as robust. See our suggestions for the best keyboards, best wireless keyboards, and best keyboards for writers for further choices.

AmazonBasics K4R Review - RTINGS.com

Surface Keyboard from Microsoft

In general, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is superior to the AmazonBasics K4R. The Microsoft gives a substantially better overall typing experience and is noticeably better made. It communicates via Bluetooth rather than a specific receiver, making it compatible with mobile devices. Instead of a Numpad, the AmazonBasics includes an integrated touchpad, which might be beneficial.

MX Keys by Logitech

A better keyboard than the AmazonBasics K4R is the Logitech MX Keys. The Logitech includes backlighting, is clearly better made, and provides a better typing experience. It is a little more adaptable than the AmazonBasics because it can connect to devices through Bluetooth as well. The inclusion of a touchpad is the only improvement over the AmazonBasics.

Test Findings



The AmazonBasics K4R is around the same size as a standard TKL keyboard, but since it also has a built-in trackpad, it may actually take up less space than the norm since you won’t be using a mouse. Check out the Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II if you want a smaller keyboard with a TrackPoint rather than a trackpad.

AmazonBasics K4R Review - RTINGS.com

Build Excellence

Due to the keyboard’s all-plastic construction, it feels shoddy built. The keycaps appear delicate and the materials feel cheap, yet they are surprisingly sturdy. The trackpad is uncomfortable to use, and the board has a moderate amount of flex, which isn’t fantastic. Check out the Corsair K83 Wireless for a better-built keyboard, or the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard for a model without a trackpad.

AmazonBasics K4R Review - RTINGS.com


The AmazonBasics K4R has respectable ergonomics. While it has a straight board shape, the flat and low-profile construction means that no wrist rest is necessary. Fans of inclined boards, however, could be let down by the absence of keyboard feet.

Mobile Flexibility

Only the specific USB receiver on this wireless keyboard may be used. Check out the Logitech K380 if you require a Bluetooth keyboard or a function for linking multiple devices.

Special Features

The media control keys are hotkeys on the F keys, despite the fact that you have dedicated buttons for volume control. The primary functions of each F key include searching, launching your music player, etc. You do not need a mouse because the board also features a dedicated touchpad. Two fingers may be used to scroll up, down, left, or right. You can pinch out to enlarge or pinch in to reduce the size of an image. Unfortunately, the trackpad occupies the space that the NumPad would normally occupy.



The AmazonBasics wireless keyboard with touchpad incorporates rubber dome switches, like many keyboards used in offices. It takes a lot of energy to press the tactile bump before the actuation point, which might be uncomfortable for some people if they type for extended periods of time. Overall, the travel distance of the keys is fairly little, yet they feel soft.

Amazon Basics Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Smart TV - English (QWERTY): Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

Typing Efficiency

On this keyboard, typing is not particularly unique. It’s pretty comparable to low-profile workplace keyboards in terms of typing experience. Because to their short travel distance, the short keys feel rapid, but because they take a lot of energy to trigger, they feel mushy when typing. The keys are really stable, which is a plus.


Typewriter Compatibility

Overall, this keyboard’s compatibility is decent. Although it is entirely compatible with Windows, some keys are inoperable on Linux and macOS. Just the home, search, and back buttons don’t function on macOS, and the F6 key doesn’t function on Linux for some reason, but all other alphanumeric keys do.

AmazonBasics K4R Review - RTINGS.com


AmazonBasics K4R is a specialized gadget. But it’s one of the best products we’ve looked at for that particular market. Not only is the AmazonBasics K4R useful and comfortable, but it also looks great on a desk.

If this is your first mini keyboard, there will be a steep learning curve as you attempt to squeeze the maximum battery life out of the device. Nevertheless, if you’re anxious to save some desk space while remaining competitive, the AmazonBasics K4R is one of the finest alternatives we’ve seen so far.

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