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Keychron M3 Review: A Versatile Rodent And Ideal Mouse For Gaming And Office Use

Companies are developing some elaborate designs in an effort to make gaming mice as distinctive as possible. Nevertheless, superior performance isn’t necessarily a guarantee of an unconventional design. Who, after all, needs a mouse that resembles a Klingon mother ship?

In contrast, Keychron has just expanded its selection of peripherals by include simple, attractive gadgets that favor functionality over flamboyance. This is fantastic news for gamers. In reality, Keychron’s gear is blazing-hot right now because it focuses on the time-tested fundamentals, those unquestionably advantageous elements that improve every gamer’s performance.

Consider the Keychron M3 as an illustration: Instead of a fancy design, it flaunts a sleek, light, and comfy body, excellent finger grips, and swift and responsive buttons—things I truly care about. Also, it has a faultless 26, 000 DPI optical sensor, which adds a reasonable amount of power.

Keychron M3: Create

Every competitive gamer is aware of the “heavy-mouse bias” that wireless gaming mice might experience due to the weight of all the handy wireless accessories compared to their cable equivalents.

In fact, some players will completely avoid them because they believe that any additional weight would result in subpar performance, especially in first-person shooter games where quickness is crucial. The Keycron M3, on the other hand, defies that perception, feeling surprisingly light and speedy for its 79 grams, especially considering that it offers the full range of connectivity choices, including 2.4GHz low-latency Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, and wired connectivity through its USB cord.

Keychron M3 Review - RTINGS.com

This alone makes the mouse worthwhile to purchase, but there are many more factors as well. Another significant aspect of the M3 is its dimensions, which are ideal for any type of precise movement you choose to do. Its dimensions are 4.9 x 2.7 x 1.6 inches, which are proportionate. Check see how well it fits my hand in the photo below to see what this means, though it won’t mean much unless you have a ruler on hand.

I discovered that there was no front overhang, so I never felt too crowded or confined. My digits weren’t too far apart at the top, though, so I didn’t lose any mechanical leverage or trigger speed. In addition, all six of the top buttons—including the two on the left, which can be uncomfortably placed in some mice—were constantly within my grasp.

It is perfect if you want to get down and tango in firefights with enemies from a distance because the top is obviously tall. It sat comfortably in the palm of my hand, allowing me to move very precisely down the centerline rather than from my wrist. As a result, aiming was really accurate, and there was little danger that I would get unpleasant RSI.

The grips and the programmable RGB lights are two additional features that are deserving of mention. While the grips are some of the most reasonable I’ve experienced, the RGB creates a ring around the base and within the mouse wheel, providing a great amount of flare. Your sensation of control is further enhanced by the way they appear to adhere to your fingertips like glue. It may also be quite difficult to put on your own grips straight out of the box, so it was a huge comfort to hear that they were pre-molded into the gadget.

The keys on the Keychron M3

In addition to the two buttons on the left, there are two more buttons on the top, a strong mouse wheel, and a button for adjusting RGB settings right behind it. It’s a dependable system that will satisfy the majority of your gaming requirements.

If I could go back and alter one thing, I would have swapped the position of the DPI toggle button on the mouse’s bottom with the RGB toggle button. Both are excellent to have, but when performance is at stake, the ability to change DPI levels without having to raise the mouse is far more useful.

Keychron Launches The New M3 Wireless Optical Mouse - IMBOLDN

But, you can adjust nearly all the settings you want without opening the Keychron Engine companion software program thanks to these two buttons and the extra polling and connectivity mode buttons beneath, allowing you to play for longer.

Having said that, Engine M3 is a fantastic little program that you should check out when you need a break from playing games since it allows you to assign all of the M3’s buttons and modify more advanced settings like your mouse’s lift off distance. The program is now accessible for Windows 10/11, but Mac users will have to wait until June 2023, when Keychron predicts the Mac version will be released.

Performance of the Keychron M3

The M3 is equipped with a PAW3395, a perfect PixArt-branded sensor that is frequently hailed as one of the finest available on Reddit and other gaming communities. A cursory glance at its features demonstrates why. I have to admit that I was quite excited to give it a try.

In conclusion, it boasts a tracking speed of 650 IPS and a maximum resolution of 26,000 DPI (inches per second). The drool-worthy features that gamers will adore include a top-level acceleration of 50g, a polling rate of 1,000ms, and customizable lift-off distance of 1 to 2mm.

Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse Review: All Bases Covered

All things considered, I thought it performed really well, more smoothly and efficiently than sensors like the PixArt PAW3370 and PAW3335, for example. If you take satisfaction in nailing little targets, it will undoubtedly make your precision gaming even tighter. It handled almost all of the movements I tried on it without even a trace of latency, from whirling around to catch enemies behind my position to zipping my mouse up to catch snipers buried into the most annoying camping positions.

There is lots of room to increase your responsiveness, especially in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II where microseconds may significantly impact your performance. In fact, it feels like your crosshairs arrive before your brain has time to process what the heck you’re doing.

The buttons also have a startlingly rapid and light feel. Your ability to activate them quickly will be the only apparent restriction on how quickly they react. No matter how much gaming you play each day, these mice use Kailh G Master 8.0 Micro Switches, which have an 80 million click rating. They will last you a very long time.

To sum up

Compared to Apple’s Magic Mouse, the M3 Wireless Mouse is far less expensive and has more features, including a broader range of tracking speeds, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, wired connectivity where the mouse can still be used, and a comfortable fit. Although it is less fashionable than the Magic Mouse, it is more practical. The M3 is generally a fairly decent value, while other mice with greater functionality available for a little bit more money may be found.

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