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Jlab Go Air Sport Review: Form A to Z

The Jlab Go Air Sport punch above their $30/£29 weight and give rivals three or four times its price a hard run for their money. These workout headphones are definitely making some of the greats sweat, and we’re absolutely here for it.


One of those fitness headphones that is often forgotten are the Jlab Go Air Sport earbuds. After all, how wonderful can a pair of under $50/£50 shoes really be? Despite their alluring price tags, historically (and reasonably), they just cannot compete with the best.

The Jlab Go Air Sport then sprung onto the scene to contradict history. They contend that wireless earbuds and headphones do not have to be expensive in order to sound nice and provide more than the bare minimum, and as a result, our perception of the finest exercise headphones has been permanently altered.

To the point where we now prefer using them over our previous favorites, the Beats Fit Pro, we are so thrilled with them. And that’s saying a lot given that they may have just single-handedly ushered in a new era for the Beats headphone business.

The Fit Pro might feature superior ANC capabilities than the Jlab Go Air Sport. They cost a third as much as the Fit Pro, but they feature better comfort, fit, controls, and battery life. Must we continue?


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Touch controls are intuitive
  • There’s volume control! ‘Nuf said!

These are the two design characteristics we want from our go-to workout earbuds: they must stay in place even during intense sessions, and they shouldn’t irritate our ears (workout is hard enough!). Yet, in keeping with its tendency to exceed expectations, the Jlab Go Air Sport does more than simply check off those two major requirements. It surpasses all expectations.

The fact that both earbuds are incredibly light weight undoubtedly contributes to their comfort, but the earhooks also deserve praise because they are effective at keeping the earbuds in place and remain comfortable even after hours of use (unlike the Beats Fit Pro’s wing tips, which started to irritate our outer ears after only 30 minutes). These have been on while we raced, hiked, climbed stairs, and performed dance exercises, and not once have they fallen off or even moved.

There may be a slight learning curve if you aren’t used to this style, so you may need to put them on with both hands at first. But rest assured, it won’t take you long to put these on one-handedly.

The touch controls on these headphones are surprisingly dependable and precise for a pair of low-cost headphones. These earbuds are easy to control during workouts because they are also intuitive. You can choose from three different sound profiles using these touch sensors: JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost.

But the nicest feature of these controls is that they include volume control, which even the best earbuds on the market don’t have. The right earbud raises the volume when you press and hold it. The volume decreases if you do the same on the left. Straightforward, efficient, and genius.

The integrated USB cord is another feature that the Jlab Go Air Sport offers that their more expensive competitors do not. The case doesn’t support wireless charging for obvious reasons. The built-in USB cable, which you can snap back into place and store away in its own garage, somewhat blurs the line between the two. You don’t need to remember to pack a charging cord because the case includes one.

Speaking about the case, it is slightly larger than others but just in comparison to the earhooks on the earbuds. That unquestionably keeps things compact.

Finally, you’ll be relieved to learn that the Jlab Go Air Sport is available in six different beautiful hues if you’re sick of the same dull black or off-white colours. Sadly, there are no alternatives in pink or purple. (Jlab, you need to do that!) Teal, yellow, and light blue are available, though.


  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Mic is slightly muffled; no ANC
  • Impressive battery life

Although you wouldn’t expect a pair of earbuds in this price bracket to sound great, the Jlab Go Air Sport once again perform above expectations. Given how much you’re spending, the sound quality is not just good; it’s actually quite exceptional.

There is plenty of bass to keep you moving even when you’re hurt or on the verge of giving up, but not so much bass that it overpowers the other sounds. Moreover, the treble is surprisingly outstanding for the budget, and the mid-range is also well-represented.

Even though these aren’t the most detailed-sounding earbuds we’ve used, listening to Florence and the Machine’s latest album, Dancing Fever, on them is a fantastic audio experience. For instance, King’s violin isn’t as dominant as it should be toward the end. But, all the other instruments are well-represented, and Florence Welch’s voice is audible and rich.

Regrettably, it sounds as though there is a veil covering your voice as it travels to the other end of your calls when using the built-in mics. On the other hand, the other party shouldn’t have any trouble hearing you clearly. But, background noise cannot be blocked.

Moreover, active noise suppression is absent, which has pros and cons for training headphones. It goes without saying that you want to be mindful of your surroundings when running on a trail through the woods. identical if you’re jogging down a busy roadway. The passive noise reduction provided by the Jlab Go Air Sport’s tips should be sufficient for us to work out while wearing them.

They have an IP55 sweat-resistance rating since they are designed for exercise and physical activity, which indicates that even if they are not totally sealed, they have a high level of dust and water jet protection. In the midst of a scorching SoCal summer, we have soaked these in perspiration during midday and early afternoon exercises outdoors, yet they have yet to break down.

Last but not least, they have excellent battery life. The Jlab Go Air Sport outperformed the Beats Fit Pro by two hours, boasting about 8+ hours per charge, which was very accurate during our battery tests. The Beats Fit Pro only offers up to six hours of listening per charge. Also, the case’s battery life can last up to 32 hours, surpassing the Beats Fit Pro’s 24-hour rating.

If you’re only using the earbuds for exercise, do you really need that much battery life? That depends, I guess. Yes, if you’re a professional athlete, a marathon runner, or a long-distance hiker like myself.


You want the most affordable sports headphones.
A set of earbuds under $50/£50 that feature excellent sound quality, clear controls, a secure fit, and a battery life that won’t die? What else is there to ask for?

You work out very hard a lot.
They will remain comfortable because the Jlab Go Air Sport never comes off.

You require one that will energize you.
There is a lot of bass present here without it being obtrusive. That will suffice to keep you inspired and still let you listen to your favorite music.


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