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Beats Fit Pro Full Review: Apple’s Best Workout Headphones

An AirPods Pro-like experience is provided with the Beats Fit Pro at a cheaper cost. For iOS, they boast a rich feature set that includes hands-free Siri, spatial audio compatibility, and active noise reduction, but Android users won’t receive the full benefit. The Beats Fit Pro are a comfortable, suitable for exercise substitute for Apple’s premium true wireless earbuds.

Review of Beats Fit Pro: design

Although the Beats Fit Pro don’t invent the wheel (or in this case, the wing tip), they do do so in a novel way. It may latch onto the inner ear to keep the buds more securely in place because it is integrated into the earphones and has additional flexibility.

While we believe that the wrap-around form of other earbuds is more comfortable, there is something really fashionable about the fin being directly attached and within the ear.

The Beats Fit Pro come with two more sets of various-sized ear tips in the package to assist you obtain that ideal seal, and it’s definitely worth the effort to determine which one fits best.

Speaking of fit, I have to say that these earbuds are really good at remaining in your ears. After they were correctly inserted, the buds never even moved a millimeter throughout our evaluation. The snug fit did, however, put some pressure on the ears, particularly after wearing them for a while.

Beats Fit Pro Review: The Best Beats (or Apple) Buds So Far | Digital Trends

This is crucial because the Beats Pro Fit are designed for exercise aficionados and have an IPX4 water resistance rating, which should keep perspiration off of them. However, they are not water-resistant, so use caution while using them near a pool or on the beach. They are also not dust-resistant, so keep them away from the sand.

Each bud has touch controls on the exterior that let you play, stop, and switch between tracks of music. A second long press will turn on noise cancellation, and a long hold will activate ambient listening mode, which turns it off.

You’ll need to be careful while inserting and removing the earbuds because the controls can be a little touchy. Trust us, it’s quite simple to accidently end a crucial phone conversation or blast music in your ear.

There are a total of six microphones on both earbuds, which assist pick up your speech and block out outside noise; we’ll go into more detail about them below. The H1 chip described earlier that will enable a variety of cool capabilities for iOS devices is also within this speaker, along with a new driver and ventilation system that makes the bass range feel weightier.

Finally, it’s important to quickly discuss the new casing, which is considerably smaller than the one that came with the Powerbeats Pro. Don’t let it fall out into the sidewalk or floor as it could get a few scratches. It goes into a pocket effortlessly and feels fantastic in the hand. (Whoops!)

Review of features for Beats by Dre

We absolutely like having the choice of four colors for the Beats Fit Pro, even if it’s not precisely a feature. You may choose between gorgeous Sage Grey with light green accents or Stone Purple, which is lavender with dark grey highlights, in addition to the traditional Beats Black and Beats White colorways.

Of course, the fact that the Beats Fit Pro have the H1 processor makes them more expensive than the Beats Studio Buds. They can then use FaceTime, Apple Music, Apple TV, and spatial audio support, as well as hands-free Siri.

Beats Fit Pro review: sporty AirPod Pros with better sound - The Verge

They contain active noise cancellation, which will block some outside noise, which is another factor in their higher price compared to certain other earbuds. When used to block out conversations in another room while working from home, we discovered that they aren’t nearly as effective as the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Buds.

Although Beats made the earbuds compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, Android users won’t have access to all of the functionality. They will be excluded from spatial audio and an always-listening assistant in particular.

These issues could lead you to choose a more Android-friendly choice like the Sony WF-1000XM4 in place of Beats, even though many earbuds don’t currently support spatial audio and Beats does have a very nice Android app that will enable you tweak their controls.

Review of Beats Fit Pro’s audio quality

Gone are the days when Beats earphones shook your head with bass and sounded like blown-out car speakers. With increased highs and lows and strong overall clarity, Beats’ new sound profile keeps things fresh.

We used INDUSTRY BABY by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow, which is available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, to test the earphones’ performance. The pounding bass beat can be heard right away, but it’s followed by a vocal track that changes pitch based on your angle of facing. The vocal track switches to the right earpiece when you look to the left. When you turn right, the opposite occurs. It’s thrilling to be able to dynamically alter the audio mix as you move your head; it gives you a concert-like experience wherever you are.

Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Review: Perfect fit - Reviewed

The new driver within the earbuds helps give them a somewhat bigger soundstage than prior Beats earbuds, however much of this is down to how Beats are tuned and Apple’s H1 wireless processor.

INDUSTRIAL BABY is just one of many songs that truly showcase the sound profile of the new Fit Pro. Apple Music features thousands of Dolby Atmos-mixed tunes that give a spatial audio experience on true wireless earbuds that actually sounds terrific.

Although they perform admirably given their size, the Fit Pro’s spatial audio does not fully match the immersive sound you receive from a genuine Dolby Atmos speaker system. Yet it’s a significant improvement over conventional wireless earphones.

The Beats Fit Pro correctly represents your speech to the recipient during calls using five of the six microphones, and the results are generally positive. Although the level was a little lower than when we utilized speakerphone, the people we spoke to stated we were rather clear.

It means that while these earphones may not be the best option for business professionals who require crystal-clear audio in their calls, they would be perfect for someone who just uses their earbuds occasionally to take a call or two.

Review of the Beats Fit Pro’s battery life

The Fit Pro, according to Beats, feature some of the best battery life of any of their earbuds—with ANC on, you can expect about 6 hours of use per charge with 18 hours of standby time. This is an improvement over Apple’s flagship true wireless earphones by about an hour and a half over the AirPods Pro.

With ANC off, the Fit Pro will last even longer; however, the battery life will be somewhat reduced if you use them more for conversing than for listening to music.

Beats Fit Pro review: Apple's best workout headphones | Tom's Guide

Overall, the battery life falls just short of other true wireless earbuds without ANC but is comparable to other noise-cancelling earbuds, which is excellent.

The good news is that the earbuds feature rapid charging, which will allow them to be completely charged in approximately an hour and restore nearly an hour of listening time after only five minutes on the charger.

The Fit Pro don’t allow wireless charging like the AirPods Pro, which means you’ll always need to keep a USB-C charging cord handy when you need to recharge them. This is the one big letdown in terms of battery life.


Comparing the Beats Fit Pro to the Apple AirPods Pro is difficult to avoid. They offer active noise cancellation and the H1 wireless chip, the two main features of the AirPods Pro at a significant price. Wireless charging is available on the AirPods Pro, but it’s a rather unimportant function to be without. especially in light of the longer battery life of the Beats Fit Pro.

There are flaws with the Beats Fit Pro. We thought that after a few hours with them, the noise suppression might be improved and that they weren’t as comfy. With the introduction of USB-C, one-touch pairing, and the Beats app on the Google Play Store, Beats has gone above and beyond to make Android users feel welcome. Nevertheless, there is still no always-listening assistant or support for spatial audio for Android users.

But, we believe that iOS users who enjoy working out are the greatest candidates for these amazing true wireless earbuds since they will perform well in both the workplace and the gym owing to their sporty style, and you’ll get the most out of them with an iPhone.

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